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  • Episode 211 Premiere: 10/15/11

    Terror On Cupcake Street

    Tori and her pals have one night to get a float for the big parade. The night goes sideways when they end up in a dangerous part of Los Angeles with their float. 

  • Episode 210 Premiere: 10/08/11

    Jade Gets Crushed

    Andre develops a crush on Jade when they’re teamed up for an advanced songwriting class.

  • Episode 209 Premiere: 10/01/11

    Tori Tortures Teacher

    Tori and her friends take Sikowitz to a play for his ten year teaching anniversary. Sikowitz is devastated by the play, and Tori has to figure out how to make him happy again. 

  • Episode 208 Premiere: 09/17/11

    Who Did It to Trina?

    Tori directs a play with Trina as the star. When a mishap occurs on opening night, doubts are raised over whether or not it was truly an accident. 

  • Episode 207 Premiere: 09/10/11

    Helen Back Again

    Helen Ophelia DuBois becomes the new principal of Hollywood Arts. She decrees that all students must re-audition to keep their spots in the school. 

  • Episode 206 Premiere: 07/30/11

    Locked Up

    Tori and her friends take a vacation that turns out to be a ruthless dictatorship and they quickly find themselves arrested on trumped-up charges. 

  • Episode 205 Premiere: 05/21/11

    Prom Wrecker

    Tori tries to make Hollywood Arts have a Prom and accidentally ruins one of Jade’s performances. 

  • Episode 204 Premiere: 05/14/11

    Tori Gets Stuck

    Tori donates blood to Robbie on the night she’s supposed to star in the school play. 

  • Episode 203 Premiere: 04/22/11

    Ice Cream for Ke$ha

    Tori loses a bet and has to do whatever Trina says for a whole month. Andre tries to win a contest for a Ke$ha concert. 

  • Episode 202 Premiere: 04/16/11

    Beck Falls for Tori

    Tori gets in over her head when she applies for a job as a stunt-woman and fabricates her resume

  • Episode 201 Premiere: 04/02/11

    Beggin' On Your Knees

    The cutest boy in school wants to perform a duet with Tori at a talent show, but she finds out he has a reputation. 

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