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  • Episode 314 Premiere: 06/30/12

    The Blonde Squad

    Tori, Cat, and Jade decide to live as blondes for a day. 

  • Episode 313 Premiere: 06/09/12

    Crazy Ponnie

    Tori faces strange and scary encounters from a student that nobody else believes is real. 

  • Episode 312 Premiere: 05/19/12

    Tori Goes Platinum

    Tori gets the chance to sing at a big music awards show, but the producer wants to changer her look and behavior. 

  • Episode 311 Premiere: 05/05/12

    How Trina Got In

    Andre, Jade, Cat, and Beck share stories about how Trina got into Hollywood Arts. Tori and Robbie get stuck at Nozu unable to pay their bill. 

  • Episode 310 Premiere: 04/14/12

    Driving Tori Crazy

    A movie crew blocks Tori’s usual route to school, forcing her to ask her friends for rides.

  • Episode 309 Premiere: 03/24/12

    April Fools Blank

    Tori can’t figure out why nobody at Hollywood Arts High celebrates April Fool’s Day. 

  • Episode 308 Premiere: 03/03/12

    Tori and Jade's Playdate

    Tori and Jade have to challenge their acting skills by playing and old married couple. Cat and Robbie start a business venture  that gives negative news in an upbeat tone. 

  • Episode 307 Premiere: 02/25/12

    Car, Rain & Fire

    After one of her favorite actresses dies, Cat convinces Tori and Jade to drive her to the candlelight vigil. Beck starts to fall for Trina.


  • Episode 306 Premiere: 02/18/12

    Andre's Horrible Girl

    Tori finds out that Andre is only dating his bossy new girlfriend to impress his father. Cat his hired to dog-sit for her mother’s boss. 

  • Episode 305 Premiere: 02/11/12

    The Worst Couple

    During the game show “Queries for Couples”, Beck and Jade are forced to question the future of their relationship. Tori has troubles with her damaged old phone.

  • Episode 304 Premiere: 02/04/12

    The Gorilla Club

    Tori joins the dangerous Gorilla Club after being told to take more risks. Andre and Robbie are forced to dance in front of Jade after losing a poker game.

  • Episode 303 Premiere: 01/28/12

    The Breakfast Bunch

    After a lunch mishap, Tori, Andre, Robbie, Beck, Jade, and Cat are forced to spend Saturday in detention.


  • Episode 302 Premiere: 12/26/11


    Interviews, bloopers, and outtakes from the series.

  • Episode 301 Premiere: 12/03/11

    A Christmas Tori

    Sikowtiz assigns Secret Santas in order to get his class in the holiday spirit. 

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