Christopher Cane

Christopher Cane

Christopher Cane is a classically trained actor who made his name in the theatre while living in London England.  Prior to that, Cane participated in summer stock theater, performing in plays by William Shakespeare (lead roles in Hamlet and MacBeth), and also works by David Mamet and Neil Simon.

After starring in the touring company of The Sunshine Boys, in which he co-starred with Dave Coulier of Full House fame, Cane took a part time job as a server at The Palm in West Hollywood where he met prolific television creator, Dan Schneider.  Schneider quickly recognized Cane's acting talent, and promptly cast him as the "Rex Powers," the acerbic sidekick to Robbie, in the show Victorious.

During the run of Victorious, Cane was involved in a volatile divorce with his ex-wife, Stephanie Woodheart.  The divorce left Cane bitter, depressed, and penniless.

After Victorious ended in 2012, Cane moved to Detroit where he's currently attempting to start his own dog-walking business. 

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